Volume 4, Number 7, July 2022

From the Pastor’s Desk …

July is expected to be hot.  Ugh! or Yeah!

If you are not looking forward to sweltering heat and high AC bills, your response is likely UGH!  We won’t feel that good.  We won’t rest as well.  We won’t accomplish as much as we would want.  UGH!

However, if you consider that spending more time indoors will give you more time to read your Bible, pray, or help with our ministry, then your response is YEAH!

This just reminds us that each day we can find reasons to complain and grumble.  But if we look at things as a child of God ought, then each day gives us the opportunity to look for ways to grow as a child of God and to serve as a passionate believer in Jesus.

This July may the Holy Spirit build a fire in our souls that motivates us to serve the Lord with gladness.

Vacation Bible School

Please mark you calendars for August 8-11 for our FAMILY VBS.  Each evening session will be from 5:30 – 7:00.  This is for people of all ages.  A simple meal will be provided each evening.  Invite your friends and neighbors.  Our theme is God’s Truth Is Real Truth.

We would like to be ready to split the group according to age groups.  But to do that we need volunteers to step forward to lead the youth group or groups.  Please talk with Pastor Fischer.

Did you know?

There are fire extinguishers located in 3 places: 1 between the portico entry door and the mailboxes; 1 near the emergency exit door in the nave near the door to the sacristy; 1 in the kitchen area near the door.

July Birthdays and Anniversaries

2 – Cathy Anderson

3 – (A) Krantz’s

5 – Maisie Calkins

11 – Bev Larsen

12 – Lois Krantz

July Freedom Picnic

Sunday, July 3rd, please join in the fun and food.  We are planning games and a picnic after the service.  The Ladies Aid will provide meats.  Everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass.  The signup sheet is on the table at church.

Also, if you have a game to bring, please do so.


On November 13th we are celebrating Beautiful Savior’s 25th anniversary of ministry.  The Anniversary Committee has been hard at work, and the Council has approved a long list of items to accomplish for this exciting event.

Right now, we have a request for each of us.  Start looking for pictures – whether they are from the early years or from our recent confirmation.  We would like to have a good variety for our anniversary.


Following the break-in into our garage, and the theft of our large mower, our insurance carrier was contacted.  And now, we have filed the claim.  The door has been replaced and we are taking steps to get a replacement mower.  We are thankful for good insurance.  Watch for another update.

Product Shower for Beautiful Savior – July 24th

Let’s have some fun and make a difference for our congregation.  From time to time we need to get cleaning and fellowship supplies for church.  So, consider bringing something from the list for cleaning and kitchen supplies.

Quarterly Voters and Ladies Aid Meetings

Please plan to learn more about the ministry and activities of our congregation.  On July 24th, following our worship service everyone – men and women – is encouraged to gather in the nave for Pastor’s report updating things that are happening in our congregation.  After that the voters ladies will go to their separate meetings.  We need YOU to be there.

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