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Volume 4, Number 9, September 2022

From the Pastor’s Desk …

This is a heads-up of something very special.  

There is a WELS group called “Praise and Proclaim Ministries.”  It is led by Mr. Dave Malnes.  Their specialty is helping members get comfortable in sharing their faith.

This is totally in sync with the same kind of training we have been doing with our “Disciples Speaking Up” series.

Please mark you calendars for October 14-16 for participating in this mission effort.

This will be a double focused program – 1. Training to energize the outreach efforts for the mission field of the new mission with field experience.  2. Training to energize the outreach efforts for the mission field of Beautiful Savior with field experience.

Watch for more details.  

Rally Sunday

September 11 is this year’s “Rally Sunday”.  This is the start of our Youth Bible Study and Sunday School.  To mark this occasion we will have match box type car races for all ages – WITH PRIZES!  Bring your favorite car from home; but don’t worry if you don’t have a car – there will be “loaners” available.  The races will take place after worship and before Sunday School and Bible Study.

Marketing Committee

We are still looking for volunteers for our “ad hoc” committee to develop a comprehensive marketing plan to help us accomplish our ministry plan.  If you have expertise or just interest in serving in this way please speak up.  Let Pastor know.

Special Meeting  

On Wednesday, September 21st at 3:00 EVERYONE is invited and encouraged to come to church for a special, important meeting with Pastor Matt Vogt, our District Mission Counselor.  Please review what was said about this in the Pastor’s report to the congregation at our last quarterly meeting.  Pastor Vogt will lead us on a discussion about our mission outreach possibilities, and the impact that has on our future ministry.  

Please plan to be there.    


25th Anniversary

I hope everyone is getting excited as we approach the joyful experience of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Gospel ministry here at Beautiful Savior.  Here are some things we need from you:

1. Get your picture taken for our pictorial directory and picture board.  

    Your family can do that after church on either October 2 or 9.

2. Look for pictures from our history, and give them to Cathy to scan/copy.

3. Think about ordering anniversary shirts.

4. Help with publicity.

5. Etc.

Special Presentation

On Sunday, September 25th during Bible Study time, we will be linked up with Mr. Mark Arnold, our District Planed Giving Counselor.  He will visit with us about “Christian Estate Planning.”  Watch for more information at worship on the first 3 Sundays of September.

Reader’s Corner

We are making an effort to expand our church library.  If you would like to get a handle on one of the major people of the Bible, try one of the short reads from the series “God’s People”.  These are taken from the Bible, but presented in a compelling and exciting narrative.


   Pastor & Mary Fischer in memory of Dan Beck

   Pastor & Mary Fischer in memory of Jim Unke

   Pastor & Mary Fischer in memory of Barb Naumann

September Birthdays and Anniversaries

2 – (A) Moreton’s

9 – Rod Calkins

10 – Lavergne Moline

16 – Harold Krantz

16 – (A) Ihde’s

28 – Robert Krantz