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Volume 4, Number 1, January, 2022


From the Pastor’s Desk …

Another year … and … _______________________

How will you and I complete this blank?

   We are at the time of the year when some people make resolutions – most of which are broken before they basely get out of mouths.

   As a child of God, what resolutions ought we to make?  Perhaps we can take a lesson from the Bible.

   In Acts 19:21 we read a resolution: Paul resolved in his spirit to go to Jerusalem by traveling through Macedonia and Achaia.  

    Psalm 17:3 we read a resolution: I resolved that my mouth will not overstep its bounds.

   In Isaiah 26:3 we read a resolution: You preserve perfect peace for the person whose resolve is steadfast, because he trusts in you.  

   In Romans 14:13 we read a resolution:

   Instead, resolve never to put an obstacle or a snare in the path of your brother.

Good resolutions for us would be to be faithful to God and his Word.  May God move us to keep such resolutions to his glory.


2022: A God-Lived Life

   Our Stewardship Focus Group and our Council have determined that we should present an annual program to help us all consider our personal stewardship of our time, abilities and resources.

   In 2022 we will be considering A God-Lived Life as our topic.  We will have 4 Sundays with this emphasis, as well as other material to consider.

   It is our prayer that through this program we will each rejoice over the opportunities God gives us to serve him as we return but a portion of all that he has first given to us.  



From the Fischers and Hansens, our sincere thanks for your kindness and gifts this Christmas season.


Annual Meetings – January 30  

   Each quarter we hold voters’ and ladies’ meetings for the good of our ministry.  Reports, updates and coming events are shared.  Each is important, but the January meetings are our annual meetings with elections and budget presentation.

   For the voters, the position of Treasurer needs to be filled.  While positions are 3 year terms, because that position has been vacant for a full year, the election will be for 2 years to complete the established term for that position.  If candidates are available, we could also elect chairmen for these 2 areas Evangelism and Facilities.

   For the ladies, all positions will need to be filled.

   Whether we are members of a small or a large congregation, each of us needs to consider how we can best serve God’s Kingdom and our congregation with the abilities God has given.   


January Birthdays and Anniversaries

5 – (A) Anderson

10 – Mary Fischer

22 – Zachary Hahn

25 – Larry Wilms


Heads Up – Contacting Pastor on Sunday Mornings

   From time to time someone tries to contact me on Sunday morning  and can’t get ahold of me.

   The reason for that is that my phone is used in the process of recording our services, so I don’t have access to my phone when it is tied up with that from about 8:00 until about 10:45 Sunday mornings.   

   So if you want to contact me please call before 8:00, or if you need to contact me before church but after 8:00 please call the church phone which Mary will answer and get a message to me.